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Amir Naderpour, Partner, Naderpour & Associates, Hollywood, FL

"It allows us the flexibility of having less personnel but being able to have one person do two or three different tasks that normally would require having an actual person doing it, which is helpful with the bottom dollar. "

Rodney Caudill, Vice President of Business Development, Allied Recovery, Wilksboro, NC

"Anyone looking for a total collections' management software package would be well served to investigate JST."

Christopher Henriques, Vice President of Operations, Hunt & Henriques, San Jose, CA

"What's helped us the most is that we've been able to meet the client requirements for sending the specific information that they want. We can send that information to them, which is something we couldn't do in the past. "

Nanette Badillo, Operations Manager, Miguel A. Maza & Associates, San Juan, PR

"I think that we have experienced the commitment of the JST team. Whenever we have an urgent issue, there's someone able to work as a team with us and provide us with a solution right away. That's very valuable to us. "