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Beverly McComas, Office Administator, Naderpour & Associates, Hollywood, FL

"It enhances the practice tremendously in the area of reporting. We're inundated with audits and reporting requirements. There's one feature that I have just learned to use, MaxExtract. I've been learning how to install templates and things I never thought I could do. With a very simple Help menu, it's taught me to be able to extract the data I need, as opposed to just running a standard formatted report. That way I can tailor it to what our clients need for audit purposes."

Beverly McComas, Office Administrator, Naderpour & Associates, Hollywood, FL

"CollectMax is almost a necessity because it integrates with another system we are required to use for our clients, which is YGC. So that integration allows us to drop our referrals directly into the database and create the file so that there is no manual input or room for error. I think that has enhanced our business tremendously because it's a clean interface between our client and our data system. "

Kay Abrahamsen, Office Manager, Stephen Bruce & Associates, Edmond, OK

"The recurring payment module allows us to just take monthly payments from our debtors and drop them into the system automatically without having to go into every file, every time."

Randolph, Boyd, Cherry and Vaughan, Richmond, VA

"We credit JST and its outstanding staff for producing a superior product and offering excellent customer service."