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Brian Cloud, Owner/Partner, Cloud & Willis, LLC, Birmingham, AL

"The system is easy to use and the people are easy to deal with. I think they're very knowledgeable. They know the system and they're there to help you out and make your company work as best it can. "

Amir Naderpour, Partner, Naderpour & Associates, Hollywood, FL

"Working with JST has impacted us in a sense that it's very user friendly. It has made it easier for us in the selection of who we actually bring in as employees. It's so user friendly that it's easy to bring people in, show them exactly how the system operates right in the beginning, and get them to do their tasks as quickly as possible."

Rachel Baldwin, Executive Director of Operations, Sessoms & Rogers, PA, Durham, NC

"I think the most valuable program is the MaxUpdater because you can make changes to any area on the account by batch, such as commission rates when clients make those changes. Any spreadsheet or information the clients provide, you can update on a batch level. Really useful!"

Eric Logvin, Esq., Law Office of James R. Vaughan, PC, Scottsdale, AZ

"The technology is always improving."