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Complaint Management Tracking

Manage and track consumer complaints and disputes within CollectMax without the hassle of outside software. Merge documents and export data for reports.

Allowable Call Times

Select designated times for collectors to contact consumers on a client by client basis. If a consumer phone number is accessed during the allowed call times, the number will be displayed to call. If not, the allowable call times will be displayed in lieu of the phone number.


Important data such as SSN, account number, and driver’s license number can be masked so that the entire number is not visible to the user. The ability to mask this data is available in the current release and is a standard feature.

Document Suppression by Client

Restrict certain documents from being generated for a consumer account based on the assigned client. Allows you to control document generation and eliminates operator error.

Document Suppression by Users/Teams

Restrict certain users or teams from generating selected documents that they should not access. Allows you to control document generation and eliminates operator error.

FDCPA Certifications Training

This feature requires that the customer establish a relationship with FDCPA Certifications, LLC.

FDCPA Certifications offers online, self-paced, video-based FDCPA training and certification. FDCPA Certifications has been utilized by hundreds of collection professionals. Their services have been expanded to include a daily test question “push” to stud ents directly through their collections software.

By signing up for this service, JST users can now receive a daily test question at the start of each day when they log into CollectMax. The questions and answers are tracked online for you to review each employee’s progress, enabling you to build a file of daily compliance training efforts for each staff member who participates in the program. All employees who receive the daily questions push will also have access to the training videos and written analysis that are available to students of the course.


MaxSecurity is an add-on suite of features that includes the following compliance features:

Account View Locking Restricts access to an account so that it cannot be accessed by any user other than a supervisor until unlocked.

Enhanced Client Level Security Limits viewing of consumer accounts to only those belonging to client accounts specifically selected for a user code. The user can only access consumer accounts whose client is assigned to their user code.

MaxMonitor Tool to track access to consumer accounts under selected clients and add additional safeguards against producing hard copies of the consumer account data by disabling the print button or requiring a protected password to be entered for printing. MaxMonitor tracks every user who accesses an account and provides audit reports.